Surprise Visit to Several Business Premises

The Department of Economic Planning and Development (JPKE), Prime Minister's Office through the Department of Competition and Consumer Affairs has conducted a surprise visit to several business premises around Kampong Sengkurong, Mata-Mata and Kiulap in the Brunei-Muara District. The surprise visit was part of efforts to cover all districts in the country to ensure price-controlled goods under the Price Control Act, Chapter 142, including cooking oil and formulated powdered milk, are not sold above the set maximum prices. Meanwhile, rice is not sold above the subsidised price.

The visit was led by Pengiran Hajah Siti Nirmala binti Pengiran Haji Mohammad, Deputy Permanent Secretary of Economy and Finance at the Prime Minister's Office. Also present was Dayang Hajah Mariah binti Awang Haji Yahya, Acting Deputy Director General of Planning and Economic Development.

During the surprise visit, several offences were found in FOUR business premises;

- One business was issued a compound of 700 dollars for not displaying prices on a number of food items, an offence under the Price Control (Display of Prices) Order.

- Another business premise was issued a warning notice for a similar offence of not displaying prices on fresh flowers.

- A warning letter was issued to a business premise for selling above the maximum price set by JPKE on selected food items during festive season. The items found to be sold exceeding maximum price were eggs, condensed milk, butter and chocolate hazelnut spread.

- Another premise was issued a warning notice for selling goods above the discount price declared to JPKE.

Under the Price Control Act, Chapter 142, non-compliance businesses can face a penalty of:

A fine of 5 thousand dollars and imprisonment for 2 years for the first offence by the court; or

A fine of 20 thousand dollars and imprisonment of 5 years for a repeated offence by the court.

The visit was also intended to inspect business compliance with the Price Control (Cheap Sale Price) Regulations especially on Jualan Aneka Brunei 2018 and Price Control (Display of Prices) Order.

For further inquiries or feedback, contact JPKE through the PenggunaBijak/SmartConsumer mobile application OR through official channels.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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