Surprise Visits to Several Business Premises

As a result of surprise visits to several business premises in Pekan Muara, Kampung Mentiri, Kampung Serasa, Kampung Mulaut and also Kampung Kilanas, the Licensing and Enforcement Section of the Brunei Muara District Office has uncovered offences of indiscriminate rubbish dumping in public areas by 3 companies.

Syarikat Rani Jaya Sendirian Berhad was fined 200 dollars while Syarikat Haji Basar Sendirian Berhad and OT Steel Works Enterprise were fined 500 dollars each. They were given 7 days to settle the fines and instructed to clear the affected areas. Failure to settle the fines would make them liable to court action where a guilty verdict would bring a fine of not more than one thousand dollars for the first offence. The fine for subsequent offences is three thousand dollars and a prison sentence of not more than three months.

Members of the public and business premises are reminded not to throw or dump rubbish indiscriminately, particularly in public places, and are advised to maintain environmental cleanliness and health.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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