Syarikat Brugoat Farming and Trading Sendirian Berhad Capable of Meeting Domestic Demands

In under four years, a ruminant farming company that rears goats and sheep, Syarikat Brugoat Farming and Trading Sdn Bhd achieved export sales of around one million, sixty one thousand and five hundred, fifty dollars ($1,061,550.00). Established in October 2015, the company is a family venture and operates on a 2.1 hectares farm at Sungai Liang in Belait District.

The farm rears mainly Noer goats and Dorper sheep which were originally bought from Australia. In the last three years, the company produced more than 600 goats and one thousand and three hundred sheep and sold the farm products to local breeders. Today the company breeds around four thousand Boer goats and Dorper sheep by using an intensive system.

The company intends to operate a new 14 hectares farm at Merangking and to continue providing sufficient supply for domestic demand and reduce dependence on imported goats. It exports its livestock to help generate the country's economy.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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