Tabletop Exercise

The National Disaster Management Centre, NDMC, yesterday morning held a tabletop exercise (TTX) as preparation in facing occurrences of forest and peatland fires in the Belait District. The TTX was held at the District Emergency Operations Centre DEOC, at the Belait District Office.

The TTX organised by the NDMC with the cooperation of the Belait District Office as well as the Fire and rescue department aimed to test the action plan to reduce the impact of high risk forest and peatland fires during the dry season. Apart from that, to solidify the national disaster management mechanism and procedure in line with the National Disaster Standard Operating Procedure, NASOP, in tackling natural disaster issues as well as enhance multi-agency cooperation towards a united operations and action. The TTX involved the Belait District Disaster Management Centre Committee comprising various stakeholder agencies. Also present were Haji Mohammad Zamree bin Haji Junaidi, Acting Belait District Officer and Pengiran Haji Maiddin bin Pengiran Haji Said, Director of NDMC as Acting Director of Fire and Rescue.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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