Takbir Ushers In Aidilfitri

The nation celebrates Aidil Fitri tomorrow, beginning with the Sunat 'Aidil Fitri prayers at all mosques, surau and religious halls throughout the country at 7.30 in the morning. From the minarets of mosques and surau as well as religious halls after Maghrib prayer earlier in the evening, the Takbir echoed to usher the victory day of the Muslims after the fasting in Ramadhan. The Takbir, with praises to Allah and the pledge of faith to the Mighty Creator touches the heart very deeply. Syawal is greeted with mixed emotions because parting with Ramadhan is such sweet sorrow. Sweet because Aidil Fitri is here.

Sorrow lingers, for no one knows if he or she will see the very blessed month of Ramadhan next year. For Muslims, no matter where they are, the echo of the Takbir always brings the loved ones, relatives and friends from near and far, as well as the departed close to the heart, bringing tears of both happiness and longing. The Takbir also reminds one to thank Allah for saving the country from the turmoil and conflicts of the world and for the blessings of peace and prosperity that Brunei Darussalam continues to enjoy. His Majesty's Hari Raya titah touches on this blessing of peace and tranquillity, and the duty of the people to maintain and protect them. As it echoes, the touching and arousing sound of the Takbir strengthens the will of the nation to protect its peace and prosperity, by the Grace of Allah.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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