Temburong District Aidil Fitri Open House

The Hari Raya Open House provides the people, Muslims and non-Muslims alike to visit Muslim relatives and friends. No matter what a person's religious or ethnic background is, the homes of the Muslims welcome all visitors during Aidil Fitri. People in Temburong District are no different. During Hari Raya, the open house acts as a bridge that fosters closer relations and also helps to open hearts to forgive or seek forgiveness.

Opening the house as a way to open the hearts to forgiveness or forgiving is encouraged both in Islam and the Malay Islamic Monarchy or MIB philosophy. While elders and young people forgive each other and enjoy renewed or revitalised relations, children enjoy the Hari Raya gifts in the little green packets, the cakes, biscuits and drinks. During Hari Raya, the foods range from the traditional Bruneian or Malay dishes to the modern cakes and biscuits. The foods and drinks, as well as new colourful and fashionable clothes also bring certain sweetness as many hosts and guests shower one another with praise on the dishes served and the Hari Raya dresses.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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