The Attorney General’s Chamber Meeting

The Attorney General's Chamber is working closely with the Prime Minister's Office and the Ministry of Communications and Information to draft a new legislation to create a regulatory framework for monitoring and more efficient reporting of cyber security threats. According to Yang Berhormat Dato Paduka Haji Hairol Arni bin Haji Abdul Majid, the Attorney General, the new law also creates a licensing regime which also serves to regulate how data security be handled by mobile networks and data security provider. Yang Berhormat was speaking during the Opening of Legal Year 2019, yesterday morning.

Yang Berhormat expressed hope that the new law will add further dimension to data privacy, cybercrime legal frame work and cyber security as a whole. Touching on legislation, Yang Berhormat said the Attorney General's Chamber has made amendments to the provisions relating to Criminal Breach of Trust (CBT) under the Penal Code by increasing the punishment of imprisonment for these offences.

Yang Berhormat added other amendments also incorporate 2 new sections where the new section 409A provides that it is not a defence to show that the property was openly appropriated or that the appropriation was duly recorded and entered in the book and account of any company or association or body of person whether incorporate or not. Whilst, Section 409B, Yang Berhormat said, now provides a presumption in relation to offences involving criminal breaches of trust in that any person entrusted with property or with dominion over property is presumed to have acted dishonestly where it is proved that he had misappropriated the property, used or disposed of that property in violation of any direction of law or suffered any person to do any of the acts. Yang Berhormat also shared the rising rate of suicide and mental health issues, which is another matter of a significant concern to the Attorney General Chamber with the Brunei Community.

Meanwhile in his speech, Mr On Hung Zheng, President of the Law Society reaffirmed the society's commitment to co-operate with the Attorney General's Chamber in the administration of justice and seek to do justly and act efficiently in all cases before the Courts. He expressed hope that the Legal Profession can continue to be a light to society and protect and uphold the Law Society reputation and command the respect that comes with being in an "Honourable Profession'.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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