The Brunei Info-Communications Technology Award (2)

Since the Brunei Info-Communications Technology Award, BICTA was first introduced in 2004 until today, the response continues to be very encouraging not only in terms of the number of participants but also the diversity of participations in relation to innovation and quality. A number of the products were displayed at the BICTA Exhibition.

This year BICTA stressed on the importance of a visionary generation as the spark of future innovation. The products not only fulfil the needs of consumers but also have commercial value and are relevant to national development. In producing the products, the participants focused on today's most needed aspects.

BICTA is definitely a major platform for recognising the achievements of ICT talent among individuals, students and local entrepreneurs. BICTA also plays an important role in supporting the goals of Wawasan Brunei 2035 which are educated and highly skilled citizens, improving the quality of the people's life as well as a dynamic and sustainable economy.

BICTA 2018 also introduced a new element called the BICTA Plus which provides participants the opportunity to attend several workshops and seminars conducted by trainers from selected industries. BICTA Plus also aims to enhance the participants' readiness to face market competitors. In line with the ICT innovations which act as the pillars of national economic and social development, a creative generation with pure identity and resilience is also important in addressing issues and challenges related to energy, environment and public health. BICTA has been proven capable of motivating students and local entrepreneurs to continue contributing ideas and innovations towards the development of local ICT products for the benefit of the global socio-economy and global ecosystem.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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