The court dismissed the case of “Charius” filed a lawsuit against 48 police officers in the case of “Watermelon”.

The Central Criminal Court for Corruption Cases acquitted a lawsuit filed by “Charity” against 48 police officers who acted illegally, etc., and harassed them to receive criminal penalties. After coming out to the news, noting that the “Watermelon” case is not transparent

at the Central Criminal Court for corruption and misconduct cases Road along the railway, Taling Chan, make an appointment to listen to orders or judgments. In the indictment class where Mr. Genius Ruangratanapong President of the Crime Victims Assistance Club as the plaintiff filed a lawsuit against Pol Col Phumthat Kosit Wanichphong Deputy Commander of the Nonthaburi Provincial Police And a total of 48 police officers who dealt with the death case of “Watermelon-Nida Patcharaveerapong”, a famous actress. Offenses for unlawful performance of official duties, making false reports, and harassing others will result in criminal penalties.

Mr. Achariya said that this case stemmed from the case where he came out to raise suspicions and disclose information in the watermelon death case. As a result, a total of 6 cases have been reported, divided into 2 cases at Phaholyothin Police Station, 3 cases at Prachachuen Police Station and police station. Muang Nonthaburi 1 case of 2 charges of insulting officials and libel by advertising which is a false report causing them to receive criminal penalties Therefore used the right to sue 48 police officers to the court that such actions Is it a wrongful practice or not? Because I personally saw that I informed the prosecution against him Must be authorized by the Commissioner of the Provincial Police Region 1 first, but the notification of such prosecution has not been authorized in any way. Today, the court dismissed the lawsuit. Because he saw that the investigating officer had the power to receive complaints and the defendant has the power to report Which after this will ask for the right to appeal again Because personally, I still see that there are still some issues that are unclear, for example, the officer has been authorized by the Commissioner of the Provincial Police Region 1 to report a case against him or not. And is it a legitimate action or not? – Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency