The LiveWire Brunei Business Awards Produced Marked Improvements in local Businesses

The Livewire Brunei Business Awards and the various programmes under it have been identified as the most popular since it was introduced in 2001, with the participation of more than 10 thousand 5 hundred youths. The award, held every two years, is fully sponsored by Brunei Shell Petroleum Sendirian Berhad, BSP. The awards, organised specifically for young and enterprising Bruneians, is designed to reward and in giving recognition to those who are outstanding in their business planning and existing business operations. Dayang Hajah Rosita binti Haji Hassan, the Chairperson of Livewire Brunei, explained that the Livewire Brunei Business Awards has managed to produce young entrepreneurs in the fields of commercial trade and finance, energy industry and services after more than 10 years since it was organised.

According to Dayang Hajah Rosita, since the business award was first introduced, there has been a marked improvement in terms of the quality of businesses being run by local entrepreneurs, adding that some have already ventured into more technically complex fields such as solar power and waste management. She said that this clearly shows the positive development in terms of the capabilities of local entrepreneurs.

The Livewire Brunei Business Awards is hoped to give special recognition on the premium value and standard of ideas that can be developed and have the potential to reach a business status. The prestigious program is part of the Livewire International program organised around the world.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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