The Output in Livestock Industry Increases

The total output of the livestock industry in the country in general has grown at an average of POINT 6-7 percent for the 2015 to 2017 period. The sector's contribution has increased from 197 million dollar in 2015 to almost 200 million dollar last year.

Last year, livestock industry remained as the main contributor in the agriculture and agrifood development in terms of overall local output value.

Since 2015, the commodity output trend in livestock industry has shown a positive increase. The main contributor for the overall output of the industry is the broiler chicken sector.

From nearly 200 million dollars gained in last year's total output of the livestock industry, 106 million dollars were contributed by the broiler chicken sector. The livestock sector contributed 37 million dollars, while chicken egg sector contributed 25 million dollars. Chicks rearing industry contributed to almost 19 million dollars, fertilised egg made a contribution to almost 9 million dollars and around 3 million dollars were contributed by livestock sector comprising buffalo, cattle and goat meat.

Currently, around 800 individuals nationwide are actively involved in the poultry industry in an area of almost 3 thousand hectares. From the figures, 56 hectares are located at Agricultural Development Area, KKP Tanah Tuah, 42 hectares in KKP Batumpu, 4 hectares in KKP Sungai Tajau at Brunei Muara District, while another 200 hectares of land in KKP Merangking at the Belait District.

For the broiler chicken industry, the usage of modern and effective high technology system contributes to the increase in productivity as well as a positive development. The system enables intensive coverage by looking after the welfare of the poultry such as controlled temperature and adequate as well as automated food. Such system are able to cater 10 to 30 thousand of chicken per coop and further increase the chicken broiler output to an optimum level which can benefits the farmer. By using a modern system, the commercial farm also practiced a Good Animal Husbandry Practices, GAHP, with the objective of enhancing the quality of poultry towards creating a quality and productive farm as well as reducing animals death and sickness.

Various efforts are being carried out by the Ministry of Primary Resources and Tourism through the Agriculture and Agrifood industry to enhance the poultry industry to reach the target from 197 million dollars in 2015 to 464 million dollars by 2020.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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