The Public Is Reminded to Be Cautious and Not to Carry Out Open Burning

The Fire and Rescue Department urged the public to be cautious and not to carelessly throw lit cigarette butts at peat swamp areas or carry out open burning at dry areas that can cause fires. In an interview with RTB this afternoon, Senior Superintendent Muhd Shahreeni bin Haji Yussof, Commanding Officer of B Operation branch, Belait District stated that currently, the personnel are monitoring the situation in order to prevent fires.

Senior Superintendent Muhd Shahreeni said that the operation B branch has made preparations for the current drought conditions in efforts to reduce peat swamp fires that occur every year. Monitoring is carried out by the Fire and rescue department 3 times daily and patrols conducted in a number of hotspots. The public is reminded to reduce open burning as it does not only jeopardize other members of the public but also the environment in Belait District.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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