The Use of High Technology Machinery Gives Positive Impact to Local Chicken Slaughtering Services Provider

The change from traditional methods to the use of high technology machinery has been proven to give a positive impact to a local chicken slaughtering service company, Syarikat Abattoir Haji Jamahat Haji Liman in ensuring the cleanliness and halal quality of the slaughtered chickens.

The use of such machineries has also helps expedite the slaughtering process until it can fulfil orders from local companies and chicken farmers. The effort has certainly helped to quicken the growth of the agriculture and agri-food based industry production through the use of high technology.

As a local chicken slaughtering service provider, the cleanliness and halal aspect of the chickens slaughtered is a priority of Syarikat Abattoir Haji Jamahat Haji Liman. Since its establishment in early 2013, the company has continued to gain the trust of local companies and chicken farmers to handle the slaughtering process.

Assistance from the government has enabled the local company to continue expanding. According to the manager of the abattoir, Awang Haji Jamahat bin Haji Liman, the use of the machinery has shown positive impact from the aspects of hygiene, cleanliness and speed. The machine currently used can produce 2,500 to 3,000 slaughtered chicken per hour. With higher demand, the machine output can be upgraded to 6,000 chicken per hour. The company's production for last year was about 2.7 million chickens slaughtered.

Syarikat Abattoir Haji Jamahat also hoped to explore several other business ventures including starting up their own chicken farm. It is an initial idea moving on towards penetrating the overseas market. Other ventures include the manufacturing of chicken sausages and burgers, as well as processing chicken innards into pellets for freshwater fish food. Therefore, there will less wastage. It is hoped the company's desire to penetrate the overseas market can help place Brunei Darussalam as one of the prominent halal chicken producers at the international level.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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