Total Number of People Who Embraces Islam Has Increased

The Islamic Syiar continues to flourish in Brunei Darussalam. The increasing number of individuals who took Islam as their new faith is among a clear sign that the Islamic teachings is continued to develop in line with the country's hope of becoming Brunei Darussalam as a zikir nation. Vital attention given by His Majesty's government in propagating da'wah through the Islamic Da'wah Centre is among the factor that leads to the glory of Islam in the country.

According to the statistic by the Islamic Da'wah Centre, a total of 472 individuals have embraced Islam in 2016, while 409 recorded in 2017. While from January to May this year, 43 individuals have chosen Islam as their new faith. From the total, 29 are permanent residents and 14 are foreigners. Brunei Muara district recorded the highest conversion with 22 individuals. The Chinese recorded the highest to embrace Islam with 13 people.

While from January to December 2017, Brunei Muara District have shown the highest residents to embrace Islam which is 203 individuals, followed by Tutong District with 112, 67 in the Belait District and Temburong District with 27 individuals.

The Iban recorded the highest ethnic to embrace Islam last year, which is 109 individuals, followed the Dusun with 108 people, Filipino, 97 people, 60 Chinese, 7 Bisayas, 5 European, 4 Muruts and other races with 19 individuals.

In the efforts to further strengthen the Islamic teachings to the newly converts, the Islamic Da'wah Centre always provide them with Islamic knowledge by organising courses and guidance as well as their welfare. By organising a visit to the newly converts at the remote area is also the centre's initiative as a care towards their welfare for their better living in accordance to the Islamic teachings. In line with its objective to propagate da'wah, the Islamic Da'wah Centre always provides approaches to further instil understanding on Islam as Islam is not a coercion but a beautiful and perfect religion.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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