Traditional Music Rhythm Workshop

As efforts to empower the country's arts and culture in ensuring the continuance of Brunei Darussalam's legacy in organising arts and cultural activities, 'Kelab Komuniti Belia Transformasi' or The Transformation Youth Community Club of the Youth Centre organised a two-day Traditional Music Rhythm Workshop. The workshop was held at the Youth Centre in the capital.

The participants were exposed on the basic knowledge on the history of traditional music rhythm, introduction of traditional music instruments such as gulintangan, gong, tawak-tawak, gendang rabbana, canang 3, gendang labik and tar. The participants also have the opportunity to undergo practical training on using Brunei music instruments and several modern music instruments.

According to Dayang Hajah Karmila binti Haji Sapa, the Manager of Creative Team and Head of the Arts and Culture Bureau, Transformation Youth Community Club, she hopes parents will encourage and support their children to learn Brunei traditional music.

More than 60 participants attended the workshop. The workshop among other matters aimed at giving the opportunity to the participants to know and understand on the arts of traditional music rhythm, apart from giving exposure to the young generation on the uniqueness of the arts of Brunei music rhythm. The workshop was not only attended by locals but also expatriates. They said that Brunei traditional music is very unique and colourful.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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