Following the series of bomb blasts in the Zaventem Airport and the Malbeek Metro Station on Tuesday, 22 March 2016 in Brussels, Belgium, the security situation remains at Level 4 which is the highest level of security.

Malaysian residents in Belgium as well as those travelling to Belgium for any purpose are advised to comply with all directives by the Belgian government for their own safety and security in checking with the Belgian Crisis Centre twitter at @CrisiscenterBE .

As of 23 March 2016:

Vigilance for personal safety and security

i. Level 4 security measure will be maintained for the whole of Belgium but will be reviewed daily.

ii. Belgian citizens and visitors are no longer requested to stay indoors but are to remain vigilant and to avoid crowded public areas for personal safety and security in Brussels.

Public transportation

iii. Public transportation (buses, trams, trains) are incrementally reinstated including the reopening of train stations and the restarting of metro trains' operations.

iv. For those travelling by road to and from Brussels to be mindful and patient of the tightened border controls at the Belgium-France and Belgium-Netherlands borders respectively on specific routes.

v. Travelers are to re-check on Thalys and Eurostar to and from Brussels schedule if they are travelling to Brussels during the period of 23 to 29 March 2016.

Airlines and Airports

vi. Brussels Zaventem Airport remains closed on 23 March 2016 and may reopen on Thursday 24 March 2016. However, this is still subjected to reviews and will be advised on the re-opening by Brussels Airport.

vii. Other airports in Belgium, including Charleroi remains opened but with tightened security.

viii. Airlines flying to and from Brussels Zaventem Airport may be rerouted to other airports in Belgium or other countries neighbouring Belgium, including France, the Netherlands and Germany.

ix. Those who booked to travel to and from Brussels Zaventem Airport during the period of 23 to 29 March 2016, are advised to check with the airlines on the designated airport for arrival and departure.

x. Travelers are advised to contact their travel agents or airlines for re-booking of flights if and as necessary if they are travelling to, from and via Brussels Zaventem Airport.

xi. Travellers are expected by airlines to make their own ground transportation arrangements to go to and from airports redirected from Brussels Zaventem Airport if not arranged for by the airlines.

The Embassy of Malaysia in Brussels would like to advise Malaysians living in Belgium and/or travelling to Belgium to remain vigilant, take extra precautions, be aware of surroundings, and follow the advice of the authorities on level of security as well as areas advised not to be visited.

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Malaysia

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