Undertaking Immense Efforts of Close Monitoring On the Status of Water Quality

The Public Works Department hereby notify the general public that in view of the impending rainy season and associated flood inundated areas occurring in some parts of the country, the Department is continuously undertaking immense efforts of close monitoring on the status of water quality since October last year.

The Department would like to provide an assurance that based on the routine monitoring in testing of water samples from several locations in Brunei-Muara and Tutong districts, the water supply is declared still complying to the WHO Standard Requirement on Drinking Water, albeit the recent incidences of the coloured water complains received. However, enhanced preventive measures shall be undertaken continuously to ensure the consistency is within the set WHO Standard Requirement. In addition, activities of flushing to rid the pipe networks of possible ingression of foreign water have also been undertaken continuously in substantial areas of both districts. Despite the actively on-going program of preventive measures and the repeated assurances of reliability in the water quality, the Department wishes to extend further notice by advising the public to boil their water specifically for drinking purposes as part of an extra precaution.

For any inquiry, publics can call Darussalam Line 123, Facebook: Jabatan Kerja Raya, Brunei Darussalam and Email: pro@pwd.gov.bn

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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