Various Programmes and Support Services Are Provided for Special Education

Children with special needs require similar education as normal children. With such an awareness, the Special Education Unit under the Ministry of Education has implemented inclusive education so that the special needs students receive similar learning opportunity as their normal counterpart.

With the logo and slogan, "Anak Adalah Anugerah" or "A Child is a Gift", the Unit's main effort to provide education for children with special needs is a major challenge for the teaching staff. Various special education programmes and support services are provided by the unit to ensure that the students are able to follow their lessons more effectively and fulfil the specific requirements through curriculum modification.

For the Sultan Hassan Secondary School in Bangar, Temburong; 3 special assistant teachers take part in the pre-vocational programme. The programme is provided by the School Authority to ensure that all special needs children have the access to learning subjects that are relevant, effective and flexible, besides providing exposure to the students through social activities that they can participate in. According to Awangku Harun bin Pengiran Jafar, a Special Education Teacher, the teaching staff members are proud with the children's achievement in the pre-vocational education programme. Besides the lessons in class, the students also take part in outdoor activities and taken on visits

to public places such as the markets, so they can be familiar with the sale and purchase system.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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