Viral Information on Men Visiting Homes to Provide Free Services as Part of Government Programme Is False

The public have been warned of false information being spread on social media about several men visiting homes to provide free services as part of a government programme. According to the Royal Brunei Police Force the viral information said the men either claimed to be employees of a water company installing water saving shower heads or from an electrical company to install energy saving light bulbs.

The Royal Brunei Police Force has warned the public not to be involved in issuing or spreading false and baseless information or news. Besides that, the law enforcers also advised the public not to easily believe and become alarmed by unverified information spread on social media or other internet sources. People found guilty of such offences are liable to imprisonment of up to two years and five thousand dollars fine for the first offence, and three years imprisonment and a fine for subsequent offences. The inciting materials will be confiscated and destroyed.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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