Viral Message on DAMRI Pontianak-Brunei Passenger Bus Accident Is False

In referral to the information and photo made viral through social media applications including Whatsapp on the road accident involving a DAMRI Pontianak-Brunei passenger bus and a container lorry at the Malaysia-Indonesia border, the Land Transport Department, JPD, Ministry of Transportation and Info-Communications has informed that the news is false and unfounded.

The department has informed that the viral photo of the road accident is from an incident that occurred in 2017. Meanwhile, the public is advised not to easily believe any invalidated information spread through Social Media Applications. JPD has requested for individuals receiving the viral message to stop its spread as it can raise the public's concern. JPD also reminds that spreading false and unfounded information to the public is an offence that can be charged under Section 34 of the Public Order Act Chapter 148 which brings about imprisonment up to 3 years, or a fine of 3-thousand dollars, if found guilty.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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