Viral Message on Land Transport Department

Following the viral message through the Social Media application using the Land Transport Department, JPD's name, which allegedly lists the vehicle registration numbers listed by JPD as being monitored, by first putting in the password 4448 and immediately after shows an image of a monkey sticking its tongue out, the Land Transport Department in its press release has informed that the message being spread is FALSE and the irresponsible individual producing the message has confused the public.

In this regard, JPD reminds that the spread of FALSE and unconfirmed information to the public is an offence and can be charged under the Brunei Darussalam Laws according to Section 34 of the Public Order Act, Chapter 148, which if found guilty can impose a sentence of up to 3 years imprisonment or a three thousand dollar fine.

JPD advises the public not to be gullible and easily believe any information being spread without first confirming it. For further information, the public can go to the land Transport Department or contact JPD's Corporate Section at telephone number 2451979 or 2451980 during office hours.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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