Visit by 65 Rover Scouts

65 Rover Scouts have been selected to take part in activities arranged in conjunction with the 1st ASEAN Rover Moot 2018 in the Brunei Muara District. They were greeted at the Brunei Muara District Office where they were also briefed yesterday afternoon.

The briefing on the district's profile was given by Awang Mohamad Yassin bin Haji Ahmed, the Acting Brunei Muara District Officer. Representatives of the Tourism Development Department also shared information on tourism products and places of interest in Brunei Darussalam.

The first activity of the Rover Scouts was a visit to Kampung Tamoi. The traditional 'Bermukun' quatrain and musical performance welcomed them. Apart from watching cooking demonstrations of local food and cakes such as Sarubai, Kuih Jala and Penyaram, the delegation also saw a demonstration of handicraft making and the atmosphere of Kampong Ayer.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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