Visit by Delegation of 5th ASEAN Children’s Forum

Eco Ponies Garden 'Experience Kiudang' in the Tutong District yesterday morning became the focus for participants of the 5th ASEAN Children's Forum. The visit aimed to provide exposure and impart knowledge on the delegates on several matters discussed during the forum.

The visit to 'Eco Ponies Garden' was intended as a sharing session with communities from different backgrounds including the senior citizens community who are active in community work and youths involved in the Green Project.

Meanwhile, at 'Experience Kiudang', visitors watched a demonstration on the activities by the Dusun community, such as handicrafts, processing herbal tea using the traditional method and Jawi writing. The delegation also watched a Dusun dance performance and demonstration of the musical instruments. The visit is hoped to provide inspiration and benefit to the delegates as well as an added value to their discussions.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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