Visit by Legislative Council Members to Fish Rearing Sites

To share and disseminate the current development as well as achievement of fishing industry and its activities in the country, officers from the Ministry of Primary Resources and Tourism as well as Members of the Legislative Council yesterday morning made a visit to several fish rearing sites in Brunei Muara District.

The delegation visited a fishing vessel belonging to Syarikat Gemilang Seri Shunfan Venture Sendirian Berhad at the Fish Landing Complex in Muara. Also in attendance was Yang Berhormat Dato Seri Setia Awang Haji Ali bin Apong, Minister of Primary Resources and Tourism. The delegation was briefed on the company's background which was a collaboration between a local company and foreign investor from the People's Republic of China. With 7 vessels, the company has been catching sea fishes at Zone 4. It has caught around 237 point 8 metric tonnes of fish since its operation in May last year.

The delegation next visited Syarikat Yamako Pacific Sendirian Berhad, which is also a joint venture between a local and foreign investors from Japan. The company has been operating since April last year. The company which specialises in processing Tuna and Skipjack is equipped with 4 processing facilities and one chiller. The company's main market is Japan. In 2018, the company's output was 297 point 88 metric tonnes.

Earlier, the 14 member delegation made a visit to fish rearing sites at Tanjong Pelumpong which belong to Syarikat Nur Az-zahra Aquaculture. The company is owned by a local youth, Awang Muhammad Azhar bin Dato Seri Setia Haji Abdul Aziz. The company operates on 1 hectare area and is rearing hybrid grouper, Selungsong, Red Snapper, White Snapper and Grouper.

Syarikat Tong Kee Products Sendirian Berhad's floating cage was another focus of the visit. Its 5 hectares area is equipped with 150 floating cages and the company is a Brunei-Hong Kong venture company run by Awang Albert Shim. The visit aimed gave the Members of the Legislative Council exposure to modern breeding techniques and system as well as the use of current technologies by entrepreneurs in increasing their output and productivity.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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