Visit to the Department of Radio Television Brunei

Participants who joined the 1st ASEAN Rover Moot in the country, yesterday continued its activity with a visit to government departments and historical places in the country. Yesterday morning, 30 participants visited the Department of Radio Television Brunei in the capital.

They were given briefing on the main role of RTB which is to develop well-informed and knowledgeable society through quality programmes, apart from to uphold the image of caring and effective government and act as connections between the government and people through Radio, Television and New Media.

Radio studios were among the facilities viewed by the group while in RTB complex. The visit among other matters aimed to provide a hands on experience to participants to understand the world of broadcasting apart from to take a closer look on the work scope and responsibility of RTB as a government agency that provide and channel information to the community.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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