Visiting RBAF Museum

From the Mini Stadium at Bolkiah Garrison, His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam viewed the static exhibition organised by RBAF units and the Ministry of Defence. Accompanying His Majesty were His Royal Highness Prince Haji Al-Muhtadee Billah and His Royal Highness Captain (Udara) Prince 'Abdul Mateen.

The RBAF Museum exhibits all the military equipment and activities, introductions and events in the RBAF as part of history and reference materials for the present and future generations. Apart from sharing the history of the RBAF's beginning and the early period of the Askar Melayu Brunei, AMB, the museum also showcases the development and progress of the RBAF's military capacity, in particular the tactics and infrastructure.

Among displays that attracted His Majesty's attention were the three personalities who were the first Deputy Minister of Defence and Commander of the RBAF.

At the gymnasium, His Majesty viewed an exhibition on the development of the Defence Academy, Royal Brunei Armed Forces. The establishment of the Defence Academy was to further upgrade the training and learning for RBAF officers in line with Wawasan Brunei 2035.

The RBAF will continue to progress and be committed to its role in implementing defence policies, increasing defence capabilities and diplomacy and contribute to national development. The RBAF emphasises maintaining the high standard of discipline and core values such as piety, loyalty, bravery and professionalism among its personnel.

The Regional Jungle Warfare Symposium Expo also attracted His Majesty's interest. The expo showcases equipment for military operations in a jungle.

The RBAF Training Institute went through several phases of evolution in the implementation and organisation of training, administrative system or infrastructure in line with changing times, aspiration, vision and mission of the RBAF. As the driving mechanism towards achieving the direction in realising the forces aspiration, the RBAF Training Institute continues to be committed in educating and producing professional military personnel.

The Brunei Royal Navy Static Exhibition showcases its capabilities and development. The Ministry of Defence and the RBAF are committed to always ensure continuous development and professionalism within the Armed Forces. This year also witnessed an increase in sending Royal Brunei Navy personnel to attend international training.

His Majesty then witnessed a demonstration by 'Naval Surface Action Group', NAVSAG, involving an operation to save a drowning victim.

Formed in 1965, the Royal Brunei Air Force showed evident development in assets and personnel in implementing its role of defending the country from any threat to its peace, sovereignty and integrity. As His Majesty says in the Titah, no doubt the RBAF is the main role player to constantly improve the country's defence readiness without pause.

The static exhibition of the Royal Land Force displays the capability of new military assets and services provided by the RBAF. In its 58 years, the RBAF has witnessed the era of technological improvement in equipment and weaponry. The improvement has enabled the RBAF to perform specific duties in maintaining security and defending the sovereignty of the country.

A rescue operation to save a victim trapped in a car conducted by the Royal Brunei Land Force Combat Support Service also attracted the Monarch.

Since the last few years, there is a dedication among the Ministry of Defence and the RBAF to increase diplomatic efforts and establish close relations with other countries in the various platforms, including bilateral and multilateral. For 10 years, the RBAF has been sending its personnel to join the United Nations Interim Forces in Lebanon starting in 2008 and for 15 years in the International Monitoring Team, IMT in the Philippines starting in 2004.

His Majesty then tried His Majesty's skills in target shooting. His Royal Highness The Crown Prince and His Royal Highness Captain (Udara) Prince 'Abdul Matten also did the same.

The Monarch was then graciously invited to visit the new RBAF Recruitment Office Building. The modern building was designed in a flexible way using panels as a facade that reflects the colours of the Royal Brunei Armed Forces.

At the end of the visit, His Majesty, His Royal Highness The Crown Prince and His Royal Highness Captain (Udara) Prince Abdul Mateen proceeded to Bolkiah Garrison's Officers Mess for a luncheon and get-together with RBAF Officers.

His Majesty and His Royal Highness The Crown Prince also received Pasambah.

His Majesty then cut the RBAF 58th Anniversary cake.

Before the luncheon, doa selamat was read by Commander Haji Ainolnizam bin Haji Ibrahim, Head of RBAF Religious Department.

Throughout its existence, the RBAF continues to be resilient in implementing initiatives to improve the standard of recruitment as well as increase the number of serving officers as part of its development plan and comprehensive human resource management. The RBAF as the country's protector or defence shield stresses the importance of instilling iman or faith and piety among its personnel as a strong foundation in defending the nation and achieving the RBAF Vision and Mission.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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