Visitors Are Required To Abide By the Regulations

Schools and educational institutions wishing to bring along their students to observe the State Legislative Council Session or to make a study visit are advised to forward their letter to the Clerk to the Legislative Council, State Councils Department, Dewan Majlis, Bandar Seri Begawan, BB 3910, at least one week before the date of the visit. Visitors are required to abide by the regulations specifically on the dress code.

Government officers and staff as well male civilians must wear long-sleeves, neck tie and a songkok; MIB shirt; or Malay national attire with sinjang and songkok. Women are required to wear national dress and tudung or shawl; blouse and pants or long skirts or 'Lounge Suit'.

University students are required to wear long-sleeves, while female students to wear the national dress and tudung. Meanwhile, school students and pupils should wear their respective school uniform.

Caps, short-sleeves, T-shirt, sport shirt, jeans, shorts, short skirt, leggings, sandals and slippers are not allowed.

A number of regulations to be obeyed in the building and legislative hall are:

- No smoking outside or inside the Legislative Council building;

- No pictures allowed during the session except the authorised party;

- Members of the public and visitors are advised to turn their mobile phone into "Silent Mode";

- No sharp objects allowed.

No talking or noises during the session and no food or drink inside the Dewan Persidangan, Legislative Council Meeting. Visitors are required to obey the entry and exit procedures during the session.

During the official opening of the first meeting, Members of the Legislative Council who will be attending the ceremony must wear their official attire. Cabinet Ministers are asked to wear their uniform with their state decorations and honorary medals. Black national attire with the tanjak or dastar for other members as well as state decorations and honorary medals awarded. Black baju kurung for women as well as state decorations and honorary medals.

Wazirs, Cheterias, Privy Council members, Majlis Mesyuarat Mengangkat Raja members, Deputy Ministers and Islamic Religious Council members, must wear their uniform with state decorations and honorary medals while those given the privilege to sit on the dais must wear black attire and songkok as well as state decorations and honorary medals.

Other guests must wear black national attire or dark coloured lounge suit.

For further information, contact the secretariat of Legislative Council Meeting at 2380501.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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