Water and Water Supply Disruption

A number of areas in the country is currently experiencing yellowish water supply. The Public works Department, Ministry of Development in its media statement informs that for the past several days, the quality of Tutong River raw water, is inconsistent and contains a high level Colour Unit or high or dark colour. The Public Works Department, also explained that the Bukit Barun water treatment plant has increased its desludging operation to reduce Floc and prevent the water filtration system from clogging. The operation caused disruptions in the water supply or low water pressure in several areas especially on high ground.

Efforts are also enhanced to tackle the issue by implementing various operational works, such as backwashing and flushing water storage tanks; using additional chemicals; ensure that all filtration tanks, clearing ponds, chemical doses and pumps at the Water Treatment Plant are functioning properly; and Monitor raw water quality. Monitoring of water supply quality based on the guidelines of the World Health Organisation Standard, WHO, is also constantly carried out, in addition to the routine monitoring of water sample testing as well as continuous 'flushing' operation of water pipelines in the affected areas. The public who have water tanks at home and personal water filters are advised to do routine 'flushing' and 'backwashing'.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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