Water Supply Restoration in Phases

Repair works following pipeline leaks at several locations in the Brunei Muara District has been completed. According to the Department of Water Services, water supply restoration takes time to be stabilised. However, water supply restoration at areas of Meragang National Housing Scheme, Tanah Jambu National Housing Scheme, Salambigar Industrial Park and the surrounding areas will be carried out in phases, and high areas are likely to experience low water pressure or no water supply. This was shared by Engineer Muhd Adib Asqalani bin Haji Rusli, Acting Executive Engineer, Department of Water Services in an interview yesterday morning.

According to Muhd Adib Asqalani, the water supply disruption at several areas was due to a main pipeline leak nearby Kilometre 107 point 1 of the Muara-Tutong Highway on the 11th of May 2021. After repairing the leak, another leak was detected on the 13th of May at three separate locations. On the 15th of May, another leak was also detected at the Terunjing Water Tank. These incidents have delayed the water tank refilling process, and requires time for water supply to be fully stable.

In a media release, the Department of Water Services informs that emergency repair works at the Terunjing Water Tank was completed at 4am yesterday morning. At the same time, the department has provided blue water tanks at the affected areas of Tanah Jambu National Housing Scheme and Meragang National Housing Scheme. Although the blue water tanks are limited, the department will strive to meet the needs of the people. The department also provides free water bags for affected residents.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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