Webinar Series on Investment Opportunities

As part of its ongoing efforts to educate investors on the latest happenings in the global financial markets, Baiduri Capital held a series of webinars throughout the month of August that looked at various investment opportunities in the Singapore, China, and US markets.

The first webinar held on 12th August was titled 'Vax and Relax: The Positive Impacts on Singapore Equities' among others touched on positive effects of Singapore's high vaccination rate which have affected the country's market as its economy steadily reopens and moves into an endemic phase. On 18th August, Baiduri Capital hosted a second webinar titled "Emerging Trends in China" focused on how the Hong Kong market has become an important gateway for foreign investors to explore different investment opportunities.

Baiduri Capital wrapped up the month with another webinar titled "Prepare your Portfolio for Rising Interest Rate Environment" held yesterday. Among others matters the webinar touched on what investors can expect in the final quarter of the year and gave insights on how investors should prepare their portfolios for the potential rising interest rates and sudden inflation, as the world markets slowly recover and reopen. In accordance with the recent controlled measures issued by the Ministry of Health, Baiduri Capital introduced phone consultations and email applications for their products and services. For further information, visit the Bank's website at www.baiduri.com or contact 2449666.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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