Wisdom in Financial Management

Allah Subhanahu Wata'ala bestows multiple blessings on His servants such as the blessing of health, prosperity, wealth and many more. However, there are times when the blessings obtained cause negligence and forgetfulness towards Allah SWT. Among the blessings that can cause negligence is the blessing of wealth. Wealth is a trust from Allah SWT to be utilized to the best of its ability and wealth is not to be misused to the extent that there is waste, abuse of power and corruption. The reminder was among contained in the yesterday's Friday Sermon titled "Wisdom in Financial Management".

According to the prayer leader, the importance of prudent wealth and financial management such as saving, giving zakat or tithe, giving alms, being moderate, distributing the rights of heirs and many more. As a human being, we will not be able to run away from managing and facing financial problems. Therefore, proper financial management will help to improve our lives in the future. We need to take new initiatives to change our attitude in financial management, namely, firstly, review and restructure personal finances, secondly, avoid getting into debt for non-beneficial matters and thirdly, practise the culture of saving.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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