Youth Empowerment in Economic Sector

The Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports is currently and will continue planning and implementing youth development programmes in the field of economy. Among them are strategies to empower youths through joint efforts with various government and non-government agencies. The Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports explained the matter in response to the query raised by Yang Berhormat Dayang Nik Hafimi binti Abdul Haadii on youth involvement.

The Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports explained that to date there are a number of Youth empowerment strategies towards economic independence through the efforts of the Youth Development Centre and Youth Centre in collaboration with other government and non-government agencies. Yang Berhormat said the strategies are: firstly, the creation of skill courses that can enhance marketability, employability as well as independence in the Youth Development Centre trainees. Secondly, by holding activities involving private companies such as youth business talk, kick-start projects as well as mini career programmes that have gathered private company employers with vacancies being offered to the Youth Development Centre trainees who have completed the programme. Thirdly, implementation of 38 memorandums of understanding with private companies in various fields. Fourthly, establishment of the Youth Development Centre Cooperative which has been in operation since 2004 and functions as a business incubator.

Another strategy is by providing spaces at expos such as weekend space at the Youth Centre and the youth annual Ramadan stall programme, and finally, implementation of the Belia Berdikari or Independent Youth Programme, a 2 thousand dollars per person financial aid programme. To date, the programme has assisted 67 youths in starting up enterprises and small businesses. 57 of these youths are still actively carrying out their businesses and enterprises. Meanwhile, among the programmes conducted by the ministry with other agencies in order to further youth empowerment efficacy in economy. Firstly, the involvement of Darussalam enterprise with the Youth Centre in realising the improvement of the Brunei Halal products with the halal certificate accreditation for small businesses aside from assisting in enhancing the Youth Centre infrastructure revenue collection. Secondly, improving smart partnership with the private sector to add value to the existing programmes and finally, more youth involvement in programme implementation through dialogue and discussion sessions in connecting their desires with the country's needs.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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