Youth Involvement and Contributions in Country’s Development Are Vital

Youth involvement and contributions in the development of the country and the people are vital in ensuring the survival or continuance of the Brunei civilisation. As the successors of the country's leaders, youths must be willing to come forward with confidence and a strong spirit to answer challenges to country's goals and vision. The opinion was among those expressed by the National Youth Day awards recipients during the National Youth Day celebration yesterday morning. The recipient of the Excellent Youth Award, Awang Haji Syed Mohammad Yassin bin Haji Syed Anayatullah Shah expressed a readiness to give positive and continued contributions in support of Wawasan Negara 2 Ribu 35.

The Youth Service Award Recipient, Dayang Nurul Hadina binti Haji Alias expressed the hope that the country's youths will continue to participate in voluntary activities.

Meanwhile, AwangKu Abdul Azim bin Pengiran Yusof, the Young Youth Leader Award and Excellent Project For Youth Award recipient expressed a determination to face the various challenges and the willingness to make sacrifices to achieve progress.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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