Youth Religious Programme Exhibition

Producing active and creative youth in religion according to the passage of time was among the matters highlighted at the Youth Religious Programme Exhibition under the Ministry of Religious Affairs in conjunction with the National Isra' Mi'raj celebration this year. At the International Convention Centre's lobby, His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam viewed the exhibition, which saw participation from a number of youth groups registered under the said programme. Follow the report with Muiz Dato Paduka Hj Adnan.

The exhibition showcased the various activities joined by the youth. 16 booths also displayed the activities conducted by active groups, especially in religious activities.

The content of the exhibition is hoped to educate and train the youth to truly hold on to the correct teachings of Islam, and not those veiled with deviant teachings. In the titah, His Majesty often reminds the youth to have strong faith and understanding on Islam in facing the challenges of globalisation, especially in the wrong interpretation of Islam, with the youth as the main target. Herein lies the importance of self-awareness, in other words, strengthening the identity as a true Muslim.

In recent years, the active involvement of youth groups and associations in conducting youth programmes, especially those pertaining to religion, showed positive and encouraging development. In perpetuating the said development, the Ministry of Religious Affairs, as the main pioneer in matters related to religion, is always sensitive towards religious activities, and launched the Youth Religious Programme with the aim to gather youths, especially youth groups, to be under the Ministry of Religious Affairs' entity.

The establishment of the programme is to guide the youth in conducting religious programmes. Their movement will also be monitored so that it can produce more creative youth in religious activities. It is also a symbol of the Ministry of Religious Affairs' support, apart from not denying the importance of the youth's religious activities.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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