Youth Tahlil Programme

Youths in the country need to be exposed to various activities especially beneficial religious activities with the coming of Ramadan. Yesterday, the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports in collaboration with the Kampong Lumapas Consultative Council and Lumapas Youth Association (PERLU), organised a Youth Tahlil Programme at the Tunjuk Langit Muslim Cemetery in Kampong Lumapas.

Some 200 participants comprising members of the Youth Association, Kampong Consultative Council, school students, and former participants of the Ship for Southeast Asian and Japanese Youth Programme, as well as National Service Programme, individuals and youth took part in the programme. Among the activities conducted was a cleaning campaign at the cemetery, Mass reading of Surah Yassin, tahlil and doa arwah. Also in attendance were the Directors of Departments under the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports. Such a programme was aimed at fostering closer relations among the youth.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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