YPBM Discussed Entrepreneurship Collaboration (BruDirect (Brunei))

Representatives from the Brunei Enterprise and the Young Professionals Bureau of Malaysia (YPBM) met yesterday in Bandar Seri Begawan to discuss how they can collaborate to produce entrepreneurship-themed activities in the months to come.

YPBM is a voluntary youth society based in Malaysia that seeks to enhance leadership development, educational exposure and networking opportunities for local communities. They are looking to expand in other countries, including Brunei, to offer support in terms of providing consultancy and training services, according to a press release.

Kuhan Pathy, the Vice-President ofYPBM, said he looked forward to helping the Brunei Enterprise, a local youth entrepreneurship society, to achieve its quest to promote the nation’s entrepreneurial scenery through the insights he had gained back in Malaysia.

“Our society has vast experience in entrepreneurship and human capital development. These are something we could provide to the young Bruneian society,” he said.

He said that his team organised a regional-level business-themed workshop last month, which was attended by 84 delegates from 11 countries.

One of the honorary guests at the workshop was a Member of Parliament from the United Kingdom, Sajid Javid, who joined British Prime Minister David Cameron’s delegation that visited Malaysia last month.

“With the experience and global networks we have, we may be able to bridge gaps between not just the youths of Brunei and Malaysia, but between Brunei and the UK and other countries as well. What is exciting is we do it at the youth-level or through the ‘bottom-up’ approach,” Kuhan added.

Brunei Enterprise President Abdul ‘Malik Omar said he appreciated the assistance offered by the society. “On behalf of Brunei Enterprise, I thank YPMB Vice-President Kuhan Pathy for extending the support. In the quest of enhancing Brunei’s entrepreneurship scenery and realising Brunei Vision 2035, our society is always open for potential collaborations with other organisations and partners.”

“This is especially important as we intensify our efforts of promoting entrepreneurship in Brunei… We will do our best to one day collaborate in areas of mutual interest and utilise this platform as a way forward in strengthening Brunei-Malaysia relations at the youth-level,” he said.

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