Zakat Fitrah Payment

The payment of zakat fitrah or tithe can now be made more easily through online payment methods. However, a large number of Muslims are more likely to use cash payment methods at mosques, suraus and religious halls nationwide. Zakat Fitrah must be paid from 1st of Ramadhan until before the Sunat Hari Raya Aidilfitri Prayer.

The payment of zakat fitrah can be done at mosques, suraus and religious halls nationwide through appointed amils or through online payment services. This year, Thai Hom Mali Rice costs $2.84 cents per kilo and Thai White Rice costs one dollar and 93 cents per kilo. Although the online payment of zakat fitrah continued this year, public still choose to pay for their zakat fitrah physically at mosques, suraus and religious halls.

To facilitate Muslims in fulfilling the obligation of paying zakat fitrah by saving on time and and financial security, online payment was introduced as an alternative method.

According to statistics from the Ministry of Religious Affairs, the collection of zakat fitrah in 2020 was $977,815.59 while in 2021 was $1,013,534.93, an increase by 3.65 percent. While the number of muzakki or those who are required to pay the zakat increased by 3.40 percent in 2020 which is 346,103 people paid zakat and in 2021, 357,868 people were recorded.

Meanwhile, the tithe property recorded in 2020 was 17,014,690.53 increased by 5.09 percent compared to $17,881,059.83. The number of muzakki in 2020 was 5,683 people and 5,305 people in 2021, a decrease of 6.65 percent.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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