Arrest of “Director Ah Long” for controlling the live broadcast of activities in bed

Metropolitan Police joins in investigating 112 to arrest "Director Ah Long" of a transnational movement. Control live broadcast of activities in bed Send abroad

The online patrol team of Metropolitan Police Detectives together with the Student Investigative Team No. 112 went on online patrol until it was discovered that There is a Chinese movement into Thailand. Use Thailand as a base for broadcasting live broadcasts of bedtime activities through Chinese applications and sending them back to China. Customers who are interested in watching must pay to become a member in order to watch the said live broadcast. Visitors will leave comments during the live broadcast. with Mr. Ah Long (the accused) being the live show controller and interpreter who spoke and responded in Chinese. and command the actors to do various gestures with a woman of Chinese nationality who is the owner of the business and the owner of the capital But later returned to China.

They jointly arrested Mr. Sompong or Ah Long, 34 years old, in the mansion parking area, Lat Phrao Road 80, Wang Thonglang Subdistrict. Bangkok According to the Pattaya Provincial Court's arrest warrant No. 598/2022, dated December 13, 2022, for the offense which must be found to be an offense "of trade or by trade For distribution or showing off to the public, making, producing, having, importing or taking away? or disseminate in any number of ways, including documents, drawings, prints, paintings, publications, pictures, advertisements, signs, photographs, movies, sound recordings. Recording strip or any other obscene thing join together to do business or has taken part or been involved in trade involving such obscene objects and items. Distribute or show off to the public or rent such objects or things jointly import into the computer system any computer data of an obscene nature and computer data that may be accessible to the general public and jointly disseminate or forward computer information knowing that

Further investigation revealed that Mr. Sompong (the accused) had acted as a language translator in ordering actors to follow customer orders. and is in control of the live broadcast through the application back to China. This offense is characterized as an offense committed in one state (Thailand), but the preparation, planning, command, support, or control of the offense was committed in another state (China), which is considered an offense. Characteristics of being a transnational criminal organization, taken to Pattaya City Police Station Proceed further

The accused denied the evidence, admitting that he was really the interpreter. But I wasn't the one who shot the clip and published it. The accused is a hill tribe person from Mae Hong Son. Working as a guide for a travel company Came to commit an offense by having someone persuade me to help as an interpreter. Translate from Thai to Chinese While pornographic media is being distributed.

Source: Thai News Agency