Egg supply stable but slight price hike seen – DA

The Department of Agriculture (DA) on Friday said it sees a slight hike in egg prices and its supply at 36 million per day remains stable.

'It will increase a little but since our supply is stable, we do not expect that there will really be a very steep increase in the price of eggs. Right now, the average egg price is around PHP6.70 to PHP9 per piece, depending on where you buy it. But that PHP6.70 is reasonable at this moment,' DA Assistant Secretary Arnel de Mesa said in a Bagong Pilipinas Ngayon briefing.

He said the demand for eggs often peaks during school months and the Christmas season.

'During school time, students eat an egg before leaving and they also have them as packed food in school; and when the Christmas season is near, the demand for eggs is also high. Forty percent of our egg production is used by industrial users, those who make bread, cakes, in hotels and restaurants; sixty percent are our household users,' De Mesa said.

He said the country's commercial production of 36 million eggs per day is enough to meet the demand.

"So this is enough for the consumption of every Filipino of about 160 eggs per year or that is equivalent to eight kilos of eggs per Filipino in a year. So, our level of production is good,' he added.

De Mesa, meanwhile, said they are coordinating with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and other agencies regarding the price range of Noche Buena products.

'The DA continues to communicate with the DTI and other agencies for various products, especially now, the Christmas season is approaching. And when we have it, the two departments will issue an official statement, a joint statement,' he added.

Source: Philippines News Agency