“MP Jae” threatens to expose the assistant of the Progressive MP for his involvement in receiving benefits from a garbage factory.

"MP Jae" posted on Facebook threatening to reveal evidence of his assistant. Progress Party MP Get involved and receive benefits while "Tae Mongkolkit" opens his arms and is ready to welcome "MP Jae" into the Thai Sriwilai Party.

"M.P. Jae" or Mr. Wutthipong Thonglao, M.P. Prachinburi who was expelled from the party From the case of sexual harassment chats among staff members The Facebook post stated that “I stopped giving the news away. After making a statement on the first day, but some assistant MPs of the party executive committee Still chasing me without stopping Or do you have to let me say it all?” before posting in the comments section. “According to the evidence that I have given to the party, the assistant MP of Prachinburi from this party's quota It is related to receiving benefits from a multi-million baht waste disposal factory. As for the matter of corruption or not, it is discussed within the party. which I walked out I would not like to interfere with the process. But if the party still lets the assistant of the party executive committee Release various information and causing damage to me like this I may need to clarify from all the evidence. I want to do so and create a politics that is not corrupt.”

"Tae Mongkolkit" opens his arms to welcome "MP Jae" into the Thai Sriwilai Party.

While today there is a movement from Mr. Mongkolkit. Suksintharanon The leader of the Thai Sriwilai Party revealed that he had talked with Mr. Wutthipong or MP Jae as people from the same household. Born in Phitsanulok Province as well Used to study at the same school and also holds a bachelor's degree in the Faculty of Engineering from King Mongkut's Institute of Technology North Bangkok as well Mr. Wutthipong explained the sexual harassment allegations to himself. As far as I can see, it's a lighter sentence than "Puad MP" Chaiyamphawan Manphianjit, Bangkok MP. Personally, I don't think it's at the level of sexual harassment. Said that it was just a conversation via Line and that Mr. Wutthipong should prove himself for another 3 years while being an MP in the House of Representatives. If his membership expires, he will have to pay for new elections. So I talked with the adults in the party. and agreed that they were ready to accept Mr. Wutthipong as MP belonging to the Thai Sriwilai Party Because when you look at it, it's not as severe as corruption. or commit a criminal offense

“Ready to accept, otherwise you will have to pay for new elections. And if he stays, he still has a chance to prove himself in the Senate. We have to see how wrong he is. But when he saw it, it was a very surface offense, not serious, a different case from crab stick. which crab sticks should be heavier But we need to see details about rape or drug addiction or not. If drunk, it is considered a criminal offense. But if it's talking and teasing each other and want to continue He's gone. Will the woman take it back or not? You have to check carefully,” Mr. Mongkolkit said.

Mr. Mongkolkit also said that there are likely to be many more cases of members of the Kaewklai Party. There were many cases of people coming to complain about them. There are applicants from the northeastern area. Charged with rape which the Court of First Instance ruled and dismissed the case At this time, the appeal is under process. Therefore, it is seen that the case of MP Jae is much lighter and he is not worried that being accepted into the party will affect the image of the party. It is seen that the punishment is lighter than those who commit corruption or buy votes in elections. Therefore you should give it a chance.

The leader of the Thai Civilai Party said that from the preliminary discussion Mr. Wutthipong saw that he was interested in joining the party in the remaining three and a half years because he had already been expelled. But it all depends on the decision of Mr. Wutthipong as well.

Source: Thai News Agency