Now on the market “Salika Kapong”, the king of southern durian.

Durian lovers like it. Salika Durian Southern Durian King Now the products are released to the market. Received the attention of many customers. Uttaradit part 'Long Lablae Tamutami Durian' 50 baht per piece, small but strong, strong flavor, just the right amount of sweetness, not a pungent smell. Salika durian garden Villagers in the area call it "Rian Sa-ka" and the area is full of produce. Inside the Yen Chit Kapong durian orchard, Kapong District, Phang Nga Province. The taste is sweet, fragrant, delicious, and unique. As a result, it has been registered as a Geographical Indication or GI from the Department of Intellectual Property since 2018. If anyone comes to Phang Nga Province and has not eaten Salika durian. Southern Durian King considered to have not arrived Thitikorn Iawsakul, owner of Chitkapong Yen Durian Farm, said that in the middle of May every year It is the time when Salika durian comes out to the market. This year the production is quite small. Due to the unfavorable weather conditions, the rain stopped, causing water shortages in the garden. But gardeners everywhere still try to maintain quality. By selecting durians that are ripe and cut to sell. To maintain the quality and reputation of durian The real thing will have rather round fruits, thin peels, short and fairly frequent thorns. The raw peel is dark green. When ripe, the color will be slightly lighter. The seeds are small and the taste is sweet. And is sweeter than other local varieties of durian. The flesh is yellow, thick, dense, fine, has no fibers, has a unique aroma but is not pungent. The important thing is that the pu-groove area is light brown or rust colored. The average weight per fruit is about 1 - 2.5 kilograms. This year, in addition to selling durian fruit, The orchard also opens the durian orchard area for tourists who love durian to come visit, see, taste, and buy some to take home. There are also nearly 100 other varieties of durian grown. Delicious - really cheap 50 baht per child, really cheap and delicious. 'Lo nglap Lae Tamutami Durian' 50 baht per piece, small but strong, strong taste, just the right amount of sweetness, not a pungent smell, affordable price. The end of May - June is the period when "Durian is lost", a famous GI product of Uttaradit Province, released to the market. Grade A or premium prices at the orchard start at 400 baht per kilogram to give customers more options. At Long Lab Lae Tawan Chai Shop, Mae Phul Subdistrict, Lab Lae District, they opened for sale "Long Lab Lae Tamutami Durian" as small as the palm of a hand. Weight is about 3 grams, price is 50 baht per piece, but customers must walk-in to the shop. We guarantee that "Tiny but mighty" is genuine, soft, fine texture, strong flavor, just right sweetness, withered seeds, not pungent smell, at an affordable price. Sorting durian into baskets in less than 30 minutes, they're all gone every day. Some customers buy the whole basket. Because the fruit is small, cute, and easy to carry, it becomes a souvenir that the recipient likes. Or you can just unwrap it and eat it at the restaurant. The customer said that 1 piece has about 2-3 lobes and it is considered worth it. After tasting it, the meat was firm and the taste was good, so they decided to buy the whole basket as a souvenir. For customers who are unable to come to the store 'Long Lab Lae Tamutami Durian' can be ordered through the Facebook page, but a 3 kilogram set will be available for 799 baht. If interested, call 087 5212 432 or the 'Long Lab Lae Tawan Chai' page. Source: Thai News Agency