People oppose digital wallets Reflecting on not fully understanding

Bangkok, "Lintiporn" asks people who oppose digital wallets. Reflecting on not fully understanding begging the critic Don't let fear and anxiety become a constraint on the country's progress.

Miss Linthiporn Warinwatchararot List MP and Deputy Secretary-General of the Pheu Thai Party spoke about the 10,000 baht digital wallet policy, which is an important policy of the Pheu Thai Party. After Prime Minister Settha's statement on November 10, 2023, he pointed out the importance and necessity of that the government needs to implement such policy To stimulate the economy and GDP of the country to grow at an average of 5% per year. And the Bank of Thailand figures for the 3rd quarter also reflect that both the investment and consumption sectors Agreed in every aspect compared to 2022, in line with the National Economic and Social Development Council's assessment that In the first half of 2023, the economy will expand at 2.2%, reflecting that in the past the Thai economy has not truly grown. It's just an illusion

Ms. Linthiporn also said that when Ms. Sirikanya Tansakul, MP for the Kao Klai Party, and many other MPs of the Kao Klai Party came out to criticize the said policy, she understands that it is considered The role of the opposition that needs to be examined But we must not forget that the implementation of such policy The government has considered carefully and thoroughly by studying both legal and financial matters and continues to maintain financial and fiscal discipline. Such criticism not only reflects that the speaker Without fully studying the details of the statement, it still reflects that the speaker only views his own point of view. did not truly see the suffering of the people

Because if you look at it without bias It is predicted that The world economy is declining. The state of war that occurred These are all factors that make it difficult for Thailand's economy to grow. What the government is doing today Therefore, it is a necessary choice and what the majority of the people demand. And it is considered a new dimension where the government 'empowers the people' and is a co-stimulator of the domestic economy in this big time. To stimulate the domestic production sector which is carried out in parallel with the government's economic stimulus plan Both medium and long term If the target is met, the country's GDP will increase by an average of 5% per year, which will help reduce public debt that has accumulated for 10 years to 67.1%.

“Base of thought of the Pheu Thai Party We have tried many times to make the impossible possible. We reflect a vision that always looks towards the future. To this day, we as a government still adhere to this approach. To all the reviewers Do not impose your own fears and concerns as limitations on the country's growth," Ms. Linthiphon said.

Source: Thai News Agency