24th Universal Glorious Al-Quran Competition

Brunei Darussalam's representative, Awangku Muhammad Khairul Ikhwan bin Pengiran Haji Alit has clinched the sixth place in the Memorisation of 30 Chapters of Al-Quran Category at the 24th Universal Glorious Al-Quran Competition. This also places him among the top ten participants in the event.

Awangku Muhammad Khairul Ikhwan is a third year student of the Ma'had Al-Qiraat Shoubra at Al-Azhar University in the Arab Republic of Egypt. The 24th Universal Glorious Al-Quran Competition was organised jointly by the Ministry of Endowment of the Arab Republic of Egypt and Al-Azhar University. It took place in Cairo with 60 participants from 43 countries taking part. The participants were judged on their Al-Quran memorisation and reading abilities.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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