Ambuyat Making Competition

In introducing the Brunei traditional culture to the younger generation, an Ambuyat Making Competition was held yesterday afternoon. The competition which took place at the Rimba Point Exhibition Hall was among the activities organised in conjunction with Brunei December Festival 2019 Expo.

10 people took part in the competition which is hoped to preserve the proper procedures or techniques of ambuyat making. The procedure used is by making pouring a little bit of room temperature water followed by hot boiling water while stirring in a consistent manner to make it into a form that can be twirled around the candas for eating. Present was Awang Ajman bin Haji Meludin, Deputy Permanent Secretary for Safety and Welfare at the Ministry of Home Affairs.

Ambuyat has long been a traditional family meal popular in the country either amongst the Bruneians themselves as well as tourists. Even though it only uses two ingredients, not a lot of people are skilled in making ambuyat due to the specific techniques required. According to a member of the Kampung Bukit Beruang Consultative Council, even a slight mistake in the ambuyat making technique will result in the dish becoming watery and losing its actual taste.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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