ASEAN Rover Moot Has Achieved Its Objective

The 6-day ASEAN Rover Moot has achieved its objective of further enhancing and encouraging interaction amongst scout members, aside from instilling and cultivating friendship, brotherhood and cooperation as well as instilling a sense of responsibility, as preparation in playing the role of future leaders.

According to the President of the Brunei Darussalam Scouts Association, the participants were diligent and enthusiastic while participating in the exploration and physical, culture and arts, community service and environmental related activities. Awang Haji Metusin bin Orang Kaya Sura Haji Tuba said the short term objectives such as friendliness, unity, understanding or commitment have been achieved. However, the shaping of self-esteem could have formed after participating in the planned activities. Such activities act as platforms as well as being part of the scouts movement programme anywhere in the world. This is because scouts as a global association can carry out scouting activities anywhere aimed at strengthening relations regardless of race or religion. What is important is the spirit of nationalism, nationhood, and building up self-esteem.

While staying at the four districts, the ASEAN Rover Scouts carried out various activities based on the scouting movement, as well as the local community scio-culture and economy. The traditional cultural activities of the ethnic groups and local community handicraft products as well as community works provided opportunities for the participants to interact and exchange information in line with the gathering's theme of One ASEAN, One Community in Scouting.

Extreme activities such as kayaking, flying fox and rock climbing tests the participants' physical and mental endurance in facing challenging situations. The participants agree such activities are part and parcel of gaining new knowledge and experience.

The jungle trekking activity around the Tasek Merimbun area in Tutong District instils courage and confidence in themselves. Meanwhile, the tropical forest exploration at Wasai Wong Kadir in the Belait District cultivates a love and awareness on the importance of nature. The visit to the Mendaram Besar Longhouse exposed participants to the culture and way of life in the rural areas. The ASEAN Rover Scouts also had the opportunity to plant 400 trees namely kayu kapur or camphor tree, cajaput, kayu semalar and kayu tolong at the Brunei Darussalam Scouts Association tree planting area in Kampung Sungai Mau, Belait District.

The ASEAN Rover Scouts sees the 6-day gathering in Brunei Darussalam as one that provides experience and life skills in understanding the local community traditions and culture as well as the environment and its surroundings, enhancing self-esteem and realising the importance of sharing in society.

The 1st ASEAN Rover Moot in the country has certainly further strengthened the close relations amongst scout members of the ASEAN member nations aside from introducing Brunei Darussalam as a tourism destination.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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