‘Belia Sayang’ Programme Instils Attentiveness and Caring Nature

The 'Belia Sayang' Programme is a part of the Youth Community Transformation Club, KKBT Programme at the Youth Centre in the capital, where teachers or mentors who have caring personality towards the students are selected to promote healthy culture among the students and teachers. The programme also plays a role to produce students who are capable of overcoming their own weakness.

The 6-month programme, which began since the 27th of May, is one of the efforts to assist in building self-confidence through the mentor's guidance. 9 volunteer teachers under the 'Teachmeguru' supervision are involved in the programme; 6 of them are teaching Mathematics 'D' and the rest are teaching IGCSE Mathematics.

The tuition that is held on every Friday and Sunday at the Youth Centre in the capital is provided free of charge for over 60 students. The students selected are those who will be sitting for the 'O' Level exam, where their learning performance are in the yellow zones. It is hoped that more local teachers would join the programme to educate and assist the students to have a high competitive spirit in education.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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