Briefing On Dangers of Drugs and International Drugs Syndicates

The Dangers of Drugs and International Drugs Syndicates are among the matters shared during the Narcotics Control Bureau's briefing session with the 1st Post-Graduate Civic Village Programme organised by the Information Department. The briefing session took place at the Sungai Kebun Sports Complex.

The briefing was delivered by Awang Mohd Saifulazli bin Abdullah, Narcotics Officer. It among other matters informed the participants on several types of drugs, characteristics of those involved with drugs, drug smuggling techniques and sentences imposed to drug suppliers. The Civic Village Programme is hoped to prepare the participants in facing various challenges in the future and prepare themselves as a visionary generation, with quality, highly skilled as well as be self-sufficient without seeking assistance from others in order to achieve Wawasan Brunei 2035.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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