Brunei’s Intending Pilgrims Engage In Umrah before Day of Arafah

In a week's time, millions of Haj pilgrims will perform the Wukuf at Arafah - the highlight of the annual pilgrimage at the Holy Land. Preparations for Brunei's pilgrims at Arafah and Mina are going smoothly. The camps at Arafah can accommodate a thousand people. Other facilities include a large space for praying that can fill 750 people, and a dining area.

According to Dato Jameel Sulaiman Bundagi, the General Manager of Nozoly Company, his firm is responsible in providing facilities for the comfort of Bruneians when they reach Arafah and Mina.

While waiting for the Day of Arafah, Brunei's intending pilgrims fill up the time by engaging in various religious rites. One of the recommended rituals is carrying out the Umrah of Small Haj. Brunei pilgrims take advantage of the opportunity to gain blessings from Allah the Almighty. Boarding busses provided by the Haj service companies and providers, the intending pilgrims expressed their 'Niat' or Intentions at the Aisyah Mosque in Tanaim. The distance between the mosque and Masjidil Haram is about 30 to 45 minutes' drive. Some of the intending pilgrims have performed Umrah more than once as soon as they arrived from Madinah Al-Munawwarah.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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