Chinese tourists jump by 50 per cent

The number of Australians travelling to Argentina doubled in January compared to 12 months ago.

And visitors from China to Australia climbed 57 per cent over January last year.

While the weaker Aussie dollar isn't stopping Australians from heading overseas, international visitor numbers fell 0.2 per cent to 659,100 in January, Australian Bureau of Statistics data show.

The dip in the number of short-term visitors who headed to Australia followed rises of around two per cent during November and December.

The biggest drop in visitors was seen from the small country of Brunei, with only 500 Bruneians making a trip in January.

By comparison, the number of Aussies who left on overseas trips rose by nearly one per cent to 821,500 during January compared to the previous month.

Although the majority stuck to Australian's favourite spot, New Zealand, more people were choosing different destinations in 2016 with an over 60 per cent increase in Pakistan, Taiwan and Israel.

New Zealanders again were the largest group of inbound visitors, with numbers rising five per cent to 116,200.

People travelling overseas for work also dropped on last year while education saw a sharp rise of 38 per cent.


Australian's most popular trip was a one or two week holiday to New Zealand.


Top January getaways:

1. New Zealand (109,500)

2. Indonesia (102,400)

3. US (89,700)

Avoiding from last January:

1. Nepal down 40 per cent

2. Sweden down 30 per cent

3. Korea down 29 per cent

Increasing trips on last January:

1. Argentina up 100 per cent

2. Pakistan up 78 per cent

3. Taiwan up 65 per cent


Top January tourists:

1. New Zealand(116,200)

2. China (102,700)

3. US (54,600)

Biggest increase from January:

1. China up 57 per cent

2. Poland up 50 per cent

3. Greece up 40 per cent

Avoiding Australia from last January:

1. Brunei down 50 per cent

2. Russia down 23 per cent

3. Brazil down 23 per cent


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