City and Guilds Certification and Recognition Programme

The implementation of City and Guilds Certification and Recognition programme as part of the Youth Development Centre, PPB's courses has led to a brighter prospect for the youth to further their technical and vocational education to a higher level. PPB which is recognised as a centre that is approved for such certification since 2015, continues to improve the student's marketability and and mobility through its trainings that have international standards. The Acting Assistant Director of PPB explained that the high standards awarded through the courses certified by the City And Guilds is an advantage for the centre's trainees who will face challenges in the working life and in the business world.

According to Awang Haswandi bin Haji Osman, a total of 8 courses have been certified under the 'City and Guild' certification that has international standards. He added that students who undergo such courses are more said to be marketable, and once they graduate, they will have better job opportunities in the future.

The Youth Development Centre ensures that the courses implemented meet the demands of the job market and industries in the country. Apart from skill training and self development programmes, trainees also undergo work placement at the government or private sector.

Since its establishment nearly two decades ago, PPB has trained more than 4 thousand youths in various skills. With its vision, "Bangsa Brunei Yang Cemerlang', PPB continues to develop and empower the youth by polishing their skills and build their self confidence apart from teaching them technical and vocational skills and entrepreneurship so that they can contribute to the nation's development.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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